Wednesday, November 5, 2008


From street dogs to elaborately dressed elephants, Ahmedabad is full of many kinds of creatures. Some have been unwelcomed visitors in our flat, while others just hang out on the streets. Luckily some are living at a local zoo we visited.

this fellow greeted me as I walked into the kitchen

unfortunately his tail never made it out of the kitchen. we tried catching him with a bowl, but the rest of him escaped!

a beauty was spotted wandering around in our courtyard

this gang was a little camera shy and ran off as I took their picture

cute kid at the zoo

translation: snakes bite!

turtles at the zoo

Pences and pigeons don't mix well


cassandra said...

haaaa, haaaa! kirstie's complete fear and alex's look of amusement as the pigeon walked across the headboard will have me laughing all day!

nhanson said...

Haaa Haaa!! Love it :)