Monday, October 20, 2008


The Venice of the East was quite a stop for us this weekend as we ventured about four hours north to the city of Udaipur. With three beautiful lakes, surrounded by breathtaking mountains, it was by far the best sites we’ve seen here in India. For this post, we must let the pictures do most of the talking…
The two Palaces on Lake Pichola
Our hotel... Baba Palace. Great location, great view, and a great name!
View from our room of Jadish Temple
more Jadish Temple
the carvings were so amazing!
Entrance to the City Palace
Gardens of the Palace
I pretended to take a photo of the tile work, but really I was stealing a shot of this HOT mustache
the Palace was so grand with hundreds of rooms, secret hallways and spectacular views
the doorways are a tad bit short

camel ride... note that the front seat is a LOT more comfortable! Especially for boys. The camel's hump was in a really inconvenient spot for Alex.

we got a first hand look at some painters hard at work

this lake palace was in the Bond film "Octopussy"

we took a lift up to the hills for a great view of the city


Stephanie Rawlins said...

love the pictures! what a great weekend trip. can't wait to talk to you soon!

nhanson said...

What a magnificent place! The stach totally rocks!! He...He...

nhanson said...

Hi! My email is I wasn't sure if I should try to send it back when your posts came into my email, cause it says "no reply @ so and so....Can't wait to get an email from you!

The Zimmerman's said...

Amazing!! We miss you...can't believe it's half over already.


Brett and Kristin said...

try some icy-hot, alex. that should take care of any soreness.

Jessica Epps said...

What awesome pictures, so glad that you guys are experiencing all of this! So incredible!