Friday, October 10, 2008


Yesterday was the last day of Navaratri, a festival here in India. Navarati is celebrated for nine days to honor the nine forms of Shakti (the Divine Mother of the Hindu religion). Apparently it is suppose to be held at the start of winter, however, we are averaging about 95 as our high each day still!

Each night during Navaratri the young and old participate in Garba. Garba is an Indian form of dance that has various steps that participants arrange to make their own dance. Typically people go out from about 9pm and dance for many hours. The nights Alex and I participated in Garba we only lasted for a couple hours.

Pences in their traditional Indian wear.

Our apt complex(called a society here in India) hosted Garba every night down in our courtyard. Each night around 8pm they started blasting the music and didn't stop till midnight. I think some of you caught our "background" music when we talked on Skype. Everytime I went down, there were plenty of young girls wanting to be my friend and teach me the latest moves.

Dance party outside our apartment.

On guard! The stick dance.

We also got to go out dancing one night with some of Alex's co-workers. Khyati and Sunita were sweet enough to let us pathetic dancers tag along with them. There were many venues throughout the city hosting Garba, but we were fortunate enough to have one a few blocks away from us! There we also met up with Bhavik, who is actually a dance instructor! He was on a whole other level than most of the participants there.

Check out those outfits!

Some fantastic Garba dancers, then Bhavik teaching Alex to dance. Hot or Not?


The Zimmerman's said...

Definitely HOT! Hehe...

nhanson said...


Tyler said...

I love it at the end when Alex kinda shakes his head and waves his hand, like "Sorry, dude, this isn't happening and I don't want to try anymore."

Kristin said...

Those are some sweet moves Alex - sorry to hear the festival's finished... you can keep practicing in the off season though. :) Hope you're keeping as cool as possible there! love you guys -

Anonymous said...

hey pence's! thanks for keeping me laughing with your blog. hope you guys are doing well!