Saturday, August 23, 2008

Olympics: Athens 2008

Hello, readers. We arrived in Ahmedabad last night. However, we still have to catch up with our reports and pictures from the flurry of goodness that was Athens. So, for the sake of chronological order, the next couple posts will still be with a Greek focus, and we'll write a few things on our first week in India sometime later.

Above is a photo of the Olympic Stadium built in 1896 and revamped for the 2004 games. This brings us back to our first Athens post, when I mentioned Brett’s and my personal mano-a-mano mini-Olympics. I am sure at least 3 or 4 of you are anxious to know the results. So, rather than post anything meaningful, I'll commit this post entirely to our attemps to boost egos through athletic competition. We had time to do four events, and I took gold in the swimming, reported previously. Here are the results from the other three events:

60-Second Push-up Limit
This was the strength portion of the quadrathlon. We flipped to see who went first. Brett had a piece of paper, and said, "This side's me; this side's you." Brett's side landed face up. However he thought that meant he got to choose who goes first. I thought it meant he goes first. Perhaps overly confident, I conceded. As you can see, it may have made all the difference:

Gold: Brett (42 push-ups)
Silver: Alex (41 push-ups)

Playground Obstacle Course
This event was contrived to be a test of all-around ability, requiring agility, speed, strength, athleticism, and wits. We each had two attemps at the course, with our individual best times determining the winner. Jump out of the thingy, over the other thingy, weave the swings, tightrope the seesaw, up the rope, down the slide, up the ladder, through the thingy, down the steps, off the black mat. Brett took it - and currently holds both the OR and WR for this event.

Gold – Brett (35 sec)
Silver – Alex (38 sec)

100m Dash:
This was actually our second event, but perhaps the most anticipated. Brett was talking all kinds of smack after I defeated him in swimming, and feeling quite confident of his ability to win the 100m Dash. We also invited an additional participant, Peshrau, to take us on. Take a look:

Gold – Alex (13.7 sec)
Silver – Peshrau (13.8 sec)
Bronze – Brett (19.5 sec)

Final Medal Count

Alex – 2 golds, 2 silvers
Brett – 2 golds, 1 silver, 1 bronze
Peshrau – 1 silver

I think that officially makes me the winner overall, though Brett may argue that since Brett’s friend Peshrau wasn’t an official member of this competition, so that would give Brett a silver in the 100m dash. In 2012 we will have a rematch and in the meantime, I’ll be training for the gold medal sweep.


Rick and Deb said...

I am glad you made it to India and I really enjoyed reading your post about my two competive boys and reminded me of all times you guys spent at my house and I miss you both.. I love all the pictures of you and Sofi.. I can't think of a sweeter baby for you to get used to babies with!! Ha Ha..
Keep posting
Love Mom Sanner

Brett and Kristin said...

Ah... Alex, I see that your video editing skills have almost come to match your ability to exaggerate the truth. Somehow in your retelling of events, my dramatic come back from a 0-2 event deficit seems to have been overlooked. Or, for that matter, the technical difficulties (my shorts) which rendered our race moot. You are correct in one thing, Peshraw honorary second place is not a silver, but a general "medal of participation" - a sad, "thanks for giving it a shot" recognition. Until 2012 - Brett

Steph said...

love the post! have to ask: what delayed brett at the very end of the race? sounds like it had something to do with his shorts??? miss you guys.

Kirstie said...
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Kirstie said...

oopps. I'm not sure why it got deleted.

to clear up any confusion our readers might have...

Alex did in fact edit the video a bit (delaying Brett's finish by a couple seconds) and Brett does claim that he wasn't in the best shorts to run in. Peshraw did participate in the race, but I believe he can not be factored into the mano-a-mano events. A match set at 2-2. Thus the trash talk and rematch set for 2012.