Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Island of Aegina

Alex and I took a day trip out to Aegina this week. We left early in the morning and took the train about an hour to the city of Pireaus. Once there we bought some boat tickets out to the Island. It was about an hour ride on our boat, the Flying Dolphin.

There we rented a four-wheeler to tour the island for the day. What a beautiful day it was! We managed to drive around about half the island, which took us a few hours. It was a bit hard to know exactly where we were going, but we enjoyed the sites along the way. We made a few stops to grab some lunch (Greek salad and some fried shrimp),

swim in the ocean,

and do a little shopping. We of course had to pick up some pistachios, which Aegina is famous for. It was a really fun day trip!

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