Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I love traditions. They go deep in my family. Not a holiday passes without some tradition to follow. Many may find these annoying or a bother to keep up. Not me. I find great comfort in following traditions my family has managed to keep over the years. It makes me reflect on my childhood and so many memories of my family. I especially think of my grandparents... GO & GO (Grandma Olson and Grandpa Olson). They were the best at keeping with tradition and always were around to join in. I miss them so, especially as this holiday season rolls around. This is part of my way of always keeping them close.

Some of my favorite Christmas traditions...

-Swedish Pepparkakor in a new Carl Larson tin from the Swedish Store(which Addie LOVES).. thanks Mom!

-Cookie Baking with the ladies (the guys help eat the burnt cookies... GO was especially good at this!). I am excited for everyone to come bake a TON of cookies at my place this year!

-Hanging the ornaments I received as a child.

- Receiving an amaryllis from my Aunt Nancy & Uncle Dale. Oh the anticipation of such a beautiful bloom!

-Cardamom coffee cake

-Hanna Anderson Long Underwear (if you don't have a pair, you should seriously invest!)

-English and Swedish Supper on Christmas

Addie enjoying her first birthday breakfast... a tradition of course!

What are some of YOUR favorite traditions?

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mpoore said...

I love all the traditions you mentioned plus our trip to the Walnut Room for breakfast under the tree and a visit to Cozy Cloud Cottage. We are off Saturday morning with Kate, Ben and Meg; can't wait to see their reactions.