Saturday, July 11, 2009

Baby Pence

Sorry it has been soo long since we've updated our blog. We will try to keep up with it better.
So if you haven't heard, we are expecting our first baby November 19th. We are both super excited to meet our little one. Right now I am 5 months along and feeling great. So far I have really enjoyed being pregnant. What an amazing experience that God has allowed us to experience. I am very thankful for our lil bun in the oven =)

Last week was our big ultrasound. Both Alex and I were extremely anxious for this day. Not only to find out the gender of our baby, but also to see that she was healthy. Right before I left from work, the ladies told me I should down a ton of water before I got there. Nervous because I wasn't told this before, I began to take down 2 full water bottles. They assured me that the more I drank, the better the technician would be able to see the baby. While I knew this would be rough on my bladder, I definitely wanted a good view of the I kept on drinking. By the time I got to the hospital, I was sure I was going to loose it. Hold it in, they told I did.

They took me back right after I got there and Alex joined shortly after. Kelly, our technician, was super helpful and very friendly. Right away she noticed how much fluid was in me. I told her about the advice that was given to me and immediately she said, "You poor girl!". She then proceeded to tell me that I didn't need a ton of fluids in me and that I actually had too much! haha! She directed me right to the ladies room =) I think I ended up using the washroom about 4 times while we were there!

The ultrasound was unforgettable. To see our little baby appear on the screen before us was very emotional. It has definitely been the highlight of the pregnancy thus far. I kept looking from the screen, to Alex, and then back at the screen. I couldn't believe how amazing it was. Our little one right there in front of us moving around. Kelly began to take a lot of measurements and pictures of all the little parts of our baby. She is already so beautiful to us. Kelly then announced to us that we were having a baby girl! The second she told us that, our minds began to picture what our baby will look like. It's so neat to now know the gender.
20 week Profile
It's a girl!
I think she was a little tired
Sucking her thumb I believe
A foot
a hand

the nursery

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