Friday, September 12, 2008

Cooking Lessons

Ganja and Gamer cooking away

Today marked the end of my two weeks of Gujarati cooking lessons. Ganja (our driver’s wife) was my teacher and for the last two weeks she has been arriving early in the morning to prepare our lunches for the day. There are three dishes that she has been teaching me to make...

1. Dahl...a spicy bean soup.
2. Masala… prepared with an array of vegetables, this dish is made with a variety of different spices and can often be a touch sweet.
3. Roti… a flat, round wheat bread that looks a lot like a tortilla. They use this bread as a utensil to eat the other dishes. The test of a good cook is how well you can get your roti to be perfectly round. (I can't seem to get my video of the roti loaded, but I promise to post it later.)

Along with these three dishes, she prepared some white rice and cut up some fresh vegetables for us. It was sooo much food to eat in one lunch!

It has been such a treat to learn some Indian cooking and I know Alex has enjoyed bringing his tiffin to work and eating with everyone. Ganja is such a sweet lady and though we haven’t been able to talk much (she doesn’t speak much English), I feel that I will miss her visits in the morning. Hopefully, I won’t let her down and will use what she’s taught me. When we get back to the states we’ll have to see if I can find all the ingredients I need and hopefully let you all experience a taste of Gujarat!

Ganja... I caught her with her eyes closed, but what a great smile.

Alex at lunch with his tiffin

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mju said...

mmmm!! can't wait to taste your creations!!!! miss you guys!